M58 Business Park

Quality of dilapidations evidence

Client: Emerson Management Services
Location: Skelmersdale
Services: Dilapidations
Size: c. 50,000m2

Every Landlord would love to circumvent s18(1) LTA27 and receive an unfettered contribution back from their Tenant to address backlog maintenance… sounds reasonable doesn’t it, but in practice it is far from easy to pull off.

Emerson Management Services were very aware of this and consulted GSH who in conjunction with solicitors and other specialists managed a multi-million-pound claim and settlement based on the cost of remedial works. Repairs Notices (Jervis vs Harris) were issued on defined packages of work ahead of expiry dates and negotiations commenced, from a position of strength.

As any real estate litigator will tell you, the success of any action will turn on the quality of the evidence and that’s where Gray Scanlan Hill can make a difference. Circa 500,000sqft of distribution shed and offices are all now back in repair and earning their keep once more.